About us :

Luxe Brand Design, is a Company that started its operations in Summer of 2019 in Paris, France. The nature of the business in which the company will operate in, is production and supply of luxury fragrances, skincare and cosmetic products. The individuals, who started LBD, had spent years, separately, in the field of luxury fragrance, skincare, and cosmetic products as distributors of major brands and suppliers around the world. They decided that after years of practicing and understanding the formats in which major brands and suppliers apply to their businesses, they could join together and start up their own business and production of new brands.
Initially Luxe Brand Design, has acquired few brands that were previously available and established these brands further. In the meanwhile the company had created and introduced new brands under its own name. Currently the company owns the following perfume brands:

Some of the mentioned brands are in production and some will be initiated, as the company grows larger. The production of skincare and cosmetic brands will be started in the first year of company operation. The manufacturing of products will take place in 3 different points, France, which is the main point of manufacturing, UAE, and Iran that will be operating under the license of Luxe Brand Design.
The nature and mission of the company is to produce and supply products with highest quality possible to a vast range of consumers in multiple markets around the world. The products that were already produced were initially sold in Iran market and the demand of these sold goods are increasing in the region of Middle East, such as Dubai, UAE. Therefore, the sales strategy that the company will follow is as follows:
Target sales in Iran’s Market as initial point of sales benefiting from the pre-existing demand.
Exploring opportunities in the neighboring countries in the ME region.
After generation of anticipated income expand the production and target France and other European countries.
Negotiations have already begun with Indian distributors to penetrate India’s market, providing LBD with a high volume of orders.