About Divan Perse :

From the shores of Indian Ocean to the golden sands of Mediterranean Sea, Persian Empire laid a vast, rich and glorious carpet of culture, advancement and superiority for several thousands of years. A massive land that was known for love, passion and joy by the whole world who to this day envy and admire what the empire stood for.

Persia Empire was the very symbol that produced and introduced new technologies, knowledge and experience and enriched the world with tools to build a better future. From basic raw material to philosophy and poetry so rich that they still define our lives meaning and purpose to this day.

Several poets such as Rumi, Hafiz, Sa’adi and many others who wrote history of our Empire better than historians in their books that are considered treasures of old ages today among philosophers and modern artists.

Divan Perse, is a collection of scents that reminds us of those artists’ glorious arts in the form of scent in harmony to our great empire in the modern world. The message of Divan Perse is to bring peace and love for the whole world, as Persian Empire once did.

Divan Perse was introduced in the global market in 2019 consisting of 6 references that each was designed uniquely in terms of message and juice that bring confidence and glory to the wearer and the surrounding. The packaging and design along with the juice presents a unique and a new concept in the modern perfumery industry and is highly appreciated by fans all around the world, having given them a taste of thousands of years of pride and glory.